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The opportunity to ‘host a coach’ exists where families are able to welcome into their home a coach for a week during the Summer Camp. This is a major feature of the RnM week. 

All of our coaches are fun and enthusiastic about rugby with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both coaching and playing the game at a high level. By hosting a coach, families will be offering an invaluable and much appreciated insight into British life. 

Host families will in return gain not only a free space on a camp, but a week of enjoyable and entertaining company and the chance to learn more about rugby and life ‘down under’! I addition we also provide a subsitance allowance for families hosting coaches.Some families have hosted for more than 10 years! This is usually a memorable week and hosts have historically made some enjoyable and long term friendships. This is a huge bonus for all concerned. 

If you think you might like to be a host, all we ask is that coaches have their own room for a week and three meals a day.





  • Meeting and getting to know new people with shared rugby values

  • Making lifelong friends who broaden your horizons

  • Experiencing people from a different culture and backgrounds

  • Great for the kids to engage with the coaches as house guests rather than just coaches at the club

  • Free course per coach hosted!

The boys have been taking part in the rugby camps for the past 5 years and for the last 4 we have hosted a coach. Its a great experience and the coaches are always a pleasure to have stay with us. The families who host, get together and we plan a week of fun (but these nights are also optional). We have got to know the coaches really well, that we see them as friends and we always look forward to the start of the summer holidays when the camp is on. Another advantage to hosting is the free child place, the camps are worth the money but if you have 2 or more children it helps, plus whats one more lunch box to make! 





Will the coach have their own room?
Do you have any pets or smokers in the house?
Are you available to host from Sunday to Sunday?

Thanks for submitting!