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RucksMauls originated in 2005 filling a gap in clubs coaching resources resulting from a surge in junior club membership. The company retain the distinctly kiwi flavour of discipline, common sense and fun set in place by its two NZ founders. 

We have historically held camps in South Africa, Argentina and Italy as well as throughout England and Scotland.

It brings to clubs sound coaching technics concentrating on basic easily transferrable skills and game awareness. As a vehicle for introducing players to rugby, developing skills, attitudes and growing older players game awareness, RnM has few peers. Our camps focus on developing the inner self as well as developing skills.

These great value courses include a full week of rugby training with expert Southern hemisphere coaches, rugby gifts and learning and performing the New Zealand All Blacks Haka!  

Only £160 for a weeks camp 

Our Summer Rugby Camps run from 9.15am to 3.15pm Monday to Friday.
Open to both boys and girls aged 6-16 years, all abilities welcome!

Only £160 for the week.

rough outline of weeks activities







The day starts with a warm up followed by games involving all.

This allows coaches and kids to familiarise themselves with one another.

The rest of the day involves drills, activities and games developing ball skills. Catching, passing, kicking, draw and pass etc.

Warm up and games.

Revision from day one, reinforcing skills from Monday.

Rest of day involves drills, activities and games concentrating on safe and effective contact. (RFU rules and regulations regarding this are adhered to rigorously).

Day interspersed with fun games and activities for kids.

Warm up and games.

Revision of day two.

Rest of day involves drills, activities, games and lessons involving safe and effective tackling. Age specific. The sequence of the tackle is learnt as key. (RFU R&R adhered to).

Day is interspersed with many games and activities.

Warm up and games.

Revision of day three.

Rest of day involves strength and agility activities. All designed for instruction and enjoyment.

This is games day, learning to play with others of differing abilities, culminating in games which can involve parents and families.

All followed by a presentation of ‘Report Cards’, ‘Certificates of Participation.

Gifts and the HAKA!

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Alex used up more energy in those 5 days than in the rest of the summer holidays. He loved the idea of wearing a gum shield, and the look on his face when doing the ‘haka’ was priceless!