Rugby Tours

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Rucks N Mauls is delighted to provide top quality rugby team and spectator tours throughout the rugby-playing world. RucksNMauls personnel, together with their worldwide connections, have over 20 years’ experience of delivering excellent rugby tours to teams and spectators alike to a variety of different destinations near and far. We provide tailored packages for leading sports teams, schools and clubs of all age groups and all levels of ability from senior sides and social teams to universities, schools and youths.


Tailor made packages - We can organise the ultimate sporting tour package from travel arrangements to and from your desired destination to organising rugby fixtures and spectator events throughout the UK, Europe, North & South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Value for money - Our sports tours are tailored specially to your sporting needs, providing quality tour experiences at competitive package rates. 

 All RucksnMauls rugby tours include:

  1. Complete travel arrangements - flights, coaches, car hire, tickets, visas etc.
  2. Budget to five-star accommodation at hotels, holiday centres, motels, self-catering, B & B, full or half board or home-stays with host families.
  3. Sporting arrangements - local grounds, indoor facilities, golf, sight seeing, competition at all levels.
  4. Setting up fixtures against local schools, clubs or at any level of competition.
  5. Optional courier (tour guide).
  6. Entry into Tournaments and events worldwide.


Some of the senior tournaments for men, women and universities that we regularly attend are:

  • Amsterdam 7’s
  • National School 7’s
  • Bahrain XV’s
  • Stockholm 10’s
  • Leiden Easter Rugby tournament, Holland
  • Diok Leiden Easter Tournament
  • Warsaw 10’s
  • Phuket International 10’s
  • Berlin 10’s
  • Brussels Rugby 10’s
  • Bournemouth 7’s, England
  • Braunschweig Rugby tournament, Germany in April
  • The Rugby festival for Universities, Argentina in August

Some of the junior and colts tournaments for boys and girls that we regularly attend are:

  • Dukes open junior tournament
  • Exeter Junior Rugby tournament
  • Hayle Mini Rugby festival
  • The Rugby festival for Schools, Argentina in August
  • Nottingham Mini and Junior rugby Festival, England

Other Destinations
It’s not on the tournaments list? You want to go somewhere different this year? Simply tell us what festival, tournament or destination you want to tour to, and we will tailor make the package… that’s what we do best!


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